Friday, May 7, 2010

Costumed Pageantry in the Birdcage

Given the recent prevalence of the birdcage metaphor and our discussion of the autonomous pop-star-feminist, here is the worst possible combination that I have found.

At a certain point in the song, emphasizing (ad nauseum) her unbridled nature, Cyrus sings that her condition is not the result of faking this "strong woman" status but rather that it is in her DNA. It is indeed fascinating what passes for music these days, what is immediately absorbed into the populace as "art," and the degree of suggestibility many of us embody. No doubt Cyrus has been taking notes on the "strange" trend in pop music, to be flashy and oddly sexual, "singing" repetitively over synth tracks in strange costumes. Embracing the "rock star" persona lauded by Lady GaGa in interviews would seem to be the road to popularity. While some find it disgusting, especially in male musicians, perhaps this version of "autonomy" must come at the expense of meaningful music.

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