Sunday, February 28, 2010

AA for Homosexuals

After watching But I'm a Cheerleader, I went to some websites of homosexual rehabilitation centers. I was completely outraged! The main one I found called Exodus International referred to homosexuals as "strugglers" who were working through their "problems" and beginning to heal- as if homosexuality were a disease like Leprosy. I read the testimony of one man who was having homosexual feelings and didn't want them. He found Jesus Christ (I personally wasn't aware he was missing) and his pastor agreed to "walk this out" with him. I suppose it's good to know that you can simply walk off who you are. I put two of the top websites down in case anyone would like to explore their websites. They're honestly pretty fascinating; it's interesting to me to look at people who practice Christianity completely differently from how I practice it.

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  1. This is one of those things for me that is really intriguing. Many years ago I worked as a campus missionary for the Youth Alive Christian Club (a national club designed to have eager Christian youth spread the gospel to their fellow high schoolers) and one of the things we spoke against was homosexuality. We had been taught and were so convinced that it was a sin/immoral/unnatural that we desperately tried to help anyone we met afflicted with it. It wasn't until years later, when i stopped and actually thought about the message of Christianity and stripped away the prejudice my teachers had implanted in me and begin to think it was possibly "not" some illness (I think it's interesting to point out, btw, that the only reason i really began to entertain that view as still Christian was that i met 2 teachers that i admired who held the view. If I hadn't met them, how long would it have taken me to come to the same conclusion, if I ever would have?) We started talking about this briefly a while back, the idea of natural as in "occurring in nature" and natural as "normal course of things." Many people have the view that homosexuality is simply an abnormal turn of events and requires fixing. Some of them are motivated out of extreme homophobia and hatred...but I think many of them deep down simply want to help a fellow human who is suffering from an affliction. That's what makes the situation so dangerous and volatile.


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